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Slack season in textile industry started export enterprise (price insufficient order
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        The domestic and foreign demand decline continued weakness, make the textile enterprise since this year big benefit of the discount. China's textile industry association released on May 31, 2012 in 1 ~ 4 textile industry operation shows that the national scale above textile enterprise nearly one 5 is the loss of the money that the growth of the amount to 120%.

         In the raw materials, artificial cost growth, the shortage of orders, the traditional textile industry has been busy season "cold current". Most of the enterprise all dare not full load start work, can equal are lucky to have.

Cost burden

        The main raw materials of textile enterprises to promote the export blocked cotton is one of the "tiger".

        Since 2011, our country cotton prices staged a thrilling "roller coaster" market. Last quarter, cotton prices, up to a maximum of 34000 yuan/ton. But to this year, MianJia echo. As of May 25,, the Chinese cotton price index (CC Index328) closed at 18853 yuan/ton, set since March 2011, low. But at the same time, international cotton prices continued to fall, because MianJia standards have not yet and international, domestic and foreign MianJia gap still continues to expand, in textile exports hold significant proportion of cotton textile, the export amount has collapsed.

        If the enterprise export market mainly for Europe debt crisis by the influence of the European Union, the situation may be worse. Jiangsu hsin chong group Co., LTD. President YaoWenPiao said, the proportion of the eu exports accounted for one third of the total export company, the company only the eu exports of this went down 5% ~ 7%, the order also greatly reduced.

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