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Textile clothing: suck the recession quarter net profit drop 21.44% jin li
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        Beginning in 2008, China's textile and apparel exports of continuing malaise in the industry has been no big improvement. Since 2010 the so-called "economic crisis after age," the expansion of domestic demand market is regarded as a traditional industry save this the key factors. In the process, have certain advantages in domestic brand of clothing enterprise is regarded as the first to benefit from the group. This kind of benefit more in 2011 that ascends to the peak, but is this really the case?

        By April 30,, A stock market in China's textile clothing enterprise have produced A 2011 earnings, the situation is not good. According to Beijing securities channel statistics, 73 domestic listed textile clothing enterprise total revenue last year realization 16 6 7. 5 300 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 15.63%, but realize parent company shareholders ownership period net profit total only 12.47 billion yuan, an increase of only 2.16%, as if in the production and marketing of two popular, textile clothing of real "suck gold" ability but slowly in recession.

Export downturn still

        In the end of the just "111th Canton fair 3 period", textile and clothing and footwear, medicine and so on the other, is still one of the leading role of the largest volume. But in founder securities [5.32-1.66% shares it research report] institute for textile garment industry recently a research report, Europe and the performance of the buyers were described as "chill thick". Research reports, in the end of the guangzhou fair after a period, mechanical and electrical products in the United States and Europe to a decline of more than thirty percent in the turnover. And the guangzhou fair three issue, same in order to Europe and the United States as the main export market such as shoes clothes foreign trade enterprise, the export situation is not optimistic.

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