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Foreign trade friction the grim situation export tightening in the environment
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          China's march surplus recurs, trade data better than expected did not let China premature optimism. China's commerce ministry officials said Sunday, Chinese foreign trade friction the grim situation, face external pressure increase, export and international strategic pressure increase tightening in the environment triple pressure.

          The xinhua news agency quoted the ministry of commerce, deputy director of the fair trade YuBen Lin in guangzhou fair (China import and export fair) said the current international market downturn performance, with demand, China's export tightening in the environment.

          Among them, the European Union's two main countries in France and Germany than expected economic development, the eu area manufacturing present a shrinking trend, the quarter of economic development may into recession; And emerging economies face economic growth slows down and inflation pressure, and China's strategy also has diversified conflict. In this case, the trade friction are more likely to have.

          China back in March in export-oriented trade surplus, indicates that the world economy than expected recovery optimistic; But march year-on-year rate of increase import and export for the Spring Festival factors which is dropped sharply in the last month, which imports fell by a big. China February was recorded at least 10 years the biggest trade deficit of $31.49 billion.

          "Especially alarmed, the United States is China's trade investigation of rules in abuse, optional the signs of increasing program is more and more obvious." YuBen Lin said.

          He points out that the United States before the trade of Chinese products in strict accordance to the survey is relative rules of procedure of, but since the recent appeared change. For example in the choice of the anti-dumping investigation TiDaiGuo, the United States has been in India, as TiDaiGuo, now there is a choice of high per capita income countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, that of the so-called "dumping" be artificially exaggerate.

          In addition, the United States in recent years of Chinese products trade investigation has from the simple to the price of the anti-dumping investigation evolved into pointing to the government policy of anti-dumping and countervailing investigation merger, namely "double against" survey. Shows that in the current global manufacturing competition is intense, and industrial policy of different countries in trade friction has become the focus of concern of the background, China's industrial upgrading by external pressure increased.

          In late march, the United States of photovoltaic products China rising of "double against" (countervailing and anti-dumping) to survey the first half ended, the United States decided early on to the highest less than 5% of the tax subsidies, greatly lower than market expectations, let China photovoltaic enterprise of short duration of comfortable tone, but there may not low anti-dumping duties more let people with anxiety.

          Guangzhou fair news spokesman LiuJianJun in one other occasion says, although at present outlet in Canton fair booth than the last increase by 710, but is still less than 60% rate booth meet.

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